Edward Gilmore
Ed Gilmore
Abstract Expressionism

Edward W. Gilmore was born in Oakland, California in 1966. To truly become acquainted with Edward Gilmore, you must become acquainted with his passion for art, lust for life, adventure, willingness to risk, creativity, and child-like curiosity. These are just a few of the colors that make up the palette of his life.

Edward has been fascinated with color since he was a young boy. Nature provided the canvas for his art. Such balance in nature was so exciting to his young mind.

His first mentors were his father and his grandfather. His father, a master craftsman, taught him about precision and creativity. He taught Edward how to take pride in his work and pay attention to detail. Edward developed a total appreciation for artistic endeavors over the years. His grandfather also had a profound impact on his life. He was a perfectionist and applied this to every venue of work and life.

Edward's free spirit was instilled by his mother, and guided him on how he viewed the world. When trees dropped their leaves to the ground he danced with them, watching in vivid curiosity as the leaves twisted and turned, creating so many different fluid movements. He marveled how blue, orange, red and yellow could stand right next to each other, and yet look so perfect. This fascination with color followed him throughout his life.


As a teenager, Ed would sit and watch the master house painters in San Francisco paint the old Victorian homes with their big brushes. One day, one of the painters took Edward under his wing and began teaching him these incredible techniques. Soon Edward was painting with his newly acquired skills. At 18, with his innate sense of color balance, he was asked to design the color compositions for these magnificent old homes. For many years he designed the color formats to be used in these homes, including many homes of celebrities. Yet, there was still an unfulfilled yearning inside of him.


Edward Gilmore

Edward had one canvas in the corner of his loft, along with a drop cloth and a few cans of ordinary house paint. What began as an experiment has become almost an obsession. Something stirred inside of him and began to burn, and now he unleashes this passion through different mediums that make his art what it is. Every piece is a new discovery. The art is the center of his universe. His multi-dimensional paintings are truly a journey; a vision of the inner mind of genius at work.

Edward's greatest inspiration is by far, people. His creativity seems to soar and thrive off of emotions of his own as well as others around him ... the conversations, his thoughts and his dreams.


On a deeper note, a blank canvas is a life not lived. Edward's work has layers, stories, and reflections with vast colors and textures in which he leaves a part of him within every canvas.

Not since the days of Jackson Pollock have we seen the depths of the inner soul so freely at work ... artistically and yet intrinsically balanced, for our minds and hearts to perceive and ponder the major alcoves of life.

Abstract Expressionism


Abstract Expressionism



The Art of Color

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